For Seafresh Founder and CEO Steven Chia, maintaining quality and sustainable practices have been central throughout his working life.

It’s been a long journey for Steven, who travelled to Thailand from his home country of Malaysia at the age of 18.

Steven said: “I was born into a fishing background and have always known about the value of freshness and taste. My brother had established himself as a fish trader in Chumphon, a fishing village in southern Thailand. Our father was a fisherman, so it was natural for us to gravitate towards this business.”

In the early days, the brothers would source all kinds of seafood from Bangkok, but having grown up around seafood they understood how this trip was affecting freshness and quality. This motivated him to find a way to start processing the seafood himself as soon as it landed at the docks.

He added: “We built Chumphon’s first cold storage, which allowed us to provide seafood that was processed close to where it was produced. It was hard work, but everything we did was about maintaining flavor and quality.”

And that’s been Steven’s approach ever since he established Seafresh in 1982. To this day, the company’s shrimp is processed close to where it’s produced – a main point of difference compared to other shrimp producers who have to drive long hours before processing their harvest. It’s a major reason why Seafresh is renowned for premium quality.

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