Seafresh plc is renowned for its quality, sustainable produce – and this reliability stems from knowing exactly where it’s coming from. Cue: trusted technology that provides results.

Traceability is just as important to the consumer as it is to the supplier, which is why Seafresh places such an emphasis on the sourcing of its shrimp.

Tracking a product back to its source, and knowing details about how it was produced and moved and what it was fed, is made simpler with the use of smart technology such as IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack® solution.

The method revolves around companies committing to a closed supply chain, using products from pre-approved sources only. It works by establishing a “DNA reference database”, mapping out shrimp through sampling.

Using this solution means that, in instances where Seafresh’s shrimp undergoes heavy processing at third-party facilities, and even after cooking, the DNA remains unchanged. IdentiGEN samples the finished product at the distribution or store level and traces it back to its exact farm origin. If there’s a ‘no-match’, Seafresh investigates the cause.

Carol Scott from IdentiGEN said: “This programme will give guaranteed transparency to Seafresh Group customers, and will ensure that what they are buying originates from approved sources and meets the required standards in terms of production practices.”

In addition, Blockchain can be used as a traceability system, as consumers can scan a QR code on their shrimp product to understand the product’s journey and visualise each step. It is technology like this that will help boost customer loyalty, and more importantly, trust.