It all started with an innovative pilot in the aquaculture sector – the success of which has resulted in Grupo Granjas Marinas achieving a world first.

It’s not every day records are made, but Grupo Granjas Marinas (GGM) has managed to break new ground by becoming the world’s first Fair Trade certified aquaculture producer.

It began with Fair Trade USA, the leading certifier of Fair Trade products in North America (and, as it happens, the first to certify Fair Trade wild-caught seafood), conducting an aquaculture pilot. Leveraging a proven Agriculture Production Standard and expertise in Fair Trade seafood led to the successful certification of the GGM shrimp operations in Honduras.

The Fair Trade collaborative partnership will create a positive economic impact by sustaining thousands of jobs and establishing fair and safe working conditions. The additional income will be used to fund community development projects, such as educational scholarships, the provision of healthcare, and infrastructure improvements.

Julie Kuchepatov, Fair Trade USA’s Seafood Director, said: “We welcome GGM and Seafresh Group to the Fair Trade family of certified suppliers. They’re expanding their commitment to sustainability and bringing the benefits of Fair Trade certification to the seafood farmers and processing workers who are an integral part of their success. We’re excited to see how the farmers and workers will invest their funds in their communities and the ultimate impact these funds will generate.”